Welcome to the Korea Defense Veterans Association! 

KDVA’s mission is to enhance the ROK-U.S. Alliance by advocating for the Alliance and supporting the people who built and serve the Alliance. Through forums and special events, KDVA enhances, advocates, and educates about the ROK-U.S. Alliance which is an essential part of each nation’s security and prosperity.

KDVA's four priorities are:

  • Enhance, advocate for, and educate about the ROK-U.S. Alliance which is an essential part of each nation’s security and prosperity, through forums, social media, newsletters, research, and events.
  • Recognize and support service members, government civilians, and their families who have or are serving in the ROK-U.S. Alliance.
  • Serve its members with professional networking, mentoring, volunteering, and researching opportunities.
  • Honor and support the veterans who defended South Korea during the Korean War.

Benefits For Our Members

  • Part of a premier professional organization.
  • Help strengthen the important ROK-U.S. Alliance … that you helped build and continue to serve.
  • Honor and remember those who have served in Korea.
  • Networking and access to experts and experiences found nowhere else.
  • Mentor and mentee opportunities.
  • Staying in touch with those who served with you in Korea.
  • Opportunities to participate in forums and events.
  • Opportunities to volunteer in leadership positions.
  • Opportunities for internships.
  • Opportunities to be published.
  • Opportunities for community service.

There is no cost to join KDVA.  

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